Master Sun 360

Sportarredo poured all of its passion for technological achievement into the making of the MasterSun 360. A high-pressure tanning system delivers an incredibly even tan, while the bed’s smooth acrylic body stays cool to the touch.

Ergoline 600

The Ergoline 600 gives the ultimate high-pressure tan in 12 minutes. Its 50 full-length UV lamps produce more than 10,000 total watts of power, in addition to the fully adjustable facial lamps. Its Body Wave Acrylic base is designed to maximize comfort throughout the body.

Ergoline 240

The unique sun surround design enhances UV exposure while delivering one of the most comfortable tanning environments. The distinctive shape dramatically increases the usable tanning surface which allows for more even coverage along your sides and underarms.

Power 4 U
Tan Scene
Montego Bay V-56

The Montego Bay® V-56 is the latest in standup tanning boths. With the booth’s inside at 80 inches, it is more than adequate for a tall individual. The Montego Bay® V-56 come with 360° of interior illumination. The booth has two high performance fans for your body and face. This no-contact standup tanning booth gives you excellent tans in only nine minutes. * Please note it is recommended tanning be done in moderation as it will achieve a healthy looking tan.

Montego Bay 3000
Sun Dash Radius 252

Some busy customers will always prefer a stand-up tanning unit. The Sundash 252 Radius delivers a beautifully even, full-body tan in a 12-minute exposure schedule for tanners who are on the go.

Sun Dash Radius 260
Super Sonic
Starship Sun Capsule 200 Ultra

Give your clients the dark, long lasting, head-to-toe tan they are looking for.